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Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire

Willow's Story

We took Willow at the eleventh hour from a put to sleep situation and got her into emergency foster with Bev and Ario until we found a more permanent foster home which is where Jackie, Dave and Nicola came in. In time she was seen by Noreen, Grey and their son Lev who got in touch. They went on to adopt her and she went to live with the family along with their Deerhound Turi who has since sadly passed away. Willow settled and was doing well and we were all very happy another dog had been successfully rehomed....

Then I received a text from Noreen on the 5th September 2014 saying Willow had broken her neck the night before and although she was in the best place and had been operated on she might not survive. Even if she did survive she might not be able to walk again so it could all be in vain. I can’t begin to describe the horror I felt when I heard the news. I phoned Noreen straight away in complete panic but unbelievably grateful she had been given a lifeline. I can't begin to describe that conversation or any which followed and have gone over the texts hundreds of times as if I read it wrong and it wasn't real. At the time no one knew if Willow would walk again which was horrendous but thanks to the very talented Noel Fitzpatrick she was given a chance and by some miracle she survived the operation and thankfully it was a complete success! Willows recovery has been a long process and Willow's head has wanted to go faster than her body was able to at times. She had to be held back for her own good but amazingly she is back to full health and I'm so so relieved, happy and extremely proud of her sheer strength and determination to get better!

Despite what happened which will haunt me forever, her family stuck by the commitment they made to her when they adopted her and dedicated every effort to getting her better and for that I will be eternally grateful. Willow is a very special girl who's touched many hearts and I'm sure she will continue to hopefully until she's a very old lady! When I took Willow in, like any put to sleep situation I breathed a huge sigh of relief when she was safe. I never thought she would be at such risk again but thank the powers that be that she has lived to tell another tale. I hope Willow can now just be happy to be a loved family pet!

Told by Jo, founder of Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire.

Willow's story appeared on Supervet on Thursday the 2nd of April 2015. It made very difficult viewing but we are so thankful that she is now doing so well.