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Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire

In Memory


Our perfect girl Saffy. 

Some things they say are meant to be,

Or so i thought when she came to me,

Beautiful eyes so soft and kind

Within hours I knew our hearts entwined.

No idea what to expect

Or on us what be her effect

But soon enough she took a hold

A noble soul so brave and bold,

Funny sweet kind and bright

Never leaving my side at night,

Long long walks she learned the ropes

Perfect recall I had high hopes,

That you would grow old and stay with me

Your snow white face a sight to see.

But God had plans for you my love.

Taken too soon to that place above.

I long to hold you once again

Or walk in woods in sweet soft rain.

My darling girl sleep safe and sound

Until my time has come around

When once again we will play

On our special everlasting day. 

RIP my darling girl 

With heartfelt thanks to Jo and Becky for giving me the most precious gift of this beautiful little girl. I will never ever forget her

Kathryn Whitehead


21st Feb - 17th Nov 2016 


Freddie was a very special boy who came into the care of GRSY in Dec 2014. We knew when we agreed to take Freddie that he was not a well boy, with his matted fur, mouth full of rotten teeth, a badly infected leg and emaciated frame. Once in our care it soon became apparent that Freddie had a lot more health issues and on his first trip to the vets he was found to have testicular cancer and his infected leg was from metal work in his leg resulting in it being completely fused. He also had bad arthritis in his back legs so his only remaining good leg had become twisted with over compensating and to top everything off he also had a bladder infection. Freddie started on medication to make him more comfortable while he gained weight and got stronger to have further tests and an operation. With the care of his fosterers he put on weight and even started to wag his tail so he was booked to go for x-rays and an operation to remove his cancer. Unfortunately before he went in for his procedures he started with horrendous diarrhoea which didn’t respond to treatment so he had to be kept in at the hospital on a drip overnight. He continued to deteriorate throughout the night and x-rays revealed he had an enlarged heart and a mass on his chest. Freddie put up a brave fight but he became incredibly weak and had so many serious health issues that he just couldn't overcome despite our best efforts, so we reluctantly had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go. Freddie would have continued to deteriorate and we couldn't let him suffer any longer so he was put to sleep peacefully surrounded by those who loved him. Freddie went through so much neglect but didn't hold a grudge against people, he loved everyone and everyone loved him. It’s clear he must have had an owner who cared about him at some point as he was such a gentle boy and had undergone an operation to repair his leg and amputate his tail. Quite how he ended up in the state he did wandering on the streets in the cold we will never know however, a special thanks must go to his fosterers who gave him a home and 6 weeks of love and TLC. We are all devastated he couldn’t enjoy some home comforts for longer and he certainly took a piece of our heart with him and will always be part of GRSY. Run free gorgeous boy.