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Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire


Have you ever wondered how we can give important information about the animals we re-home? How we can tell if a hound would be suitable with children? Or cats? Or just how a hound would cope being left alone during the day. No two hounds are identical in their ways or personalities, that is why placing them in foster can give us so much more vital information allowing us to better match them with their forever families.

At Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire we try our hardest to place our hounds into foster homes. Our fosterers are one of our most valuable resources and they are one of our greatest assets.

Please note that although we re-home our greyhounds further afield, ideally our fosterers are local to the Sheffield area so we can be hands on assessing them and dealing with any problems as well as allowing for potential adopters to view the dogs easily.  

So what does fostering really mean?

To the hounds - It means the beginning of their new life with the warmth, love and attention that they wouldn't get if kept in kennels. For many hounds that have lived their whole life in kennels it is their first chance to experience a comfortable home and a loving family. It’s the chance for them to show their real natures as they relax and play (something racing hounds have never been given the chance to do).

To the rescue - Feedback from our foster families is vital to the successful matching of hounds with their forever homes. Some ex-racing hounds have old injuries that are best spotted and treated while living with a family. Most of our hounds need to be neutered and they often need dentals, their recovery is quicker and safer in a home. Living in a loving home is the best way to prepare them for their new lives.

To the fosterers - This is something that only a fosterer can explain. But fostering will change your life, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. To take a hound into your home that is scared and confused, maybe they have never been in a home before or they may have been abused, then watch them grow into relaxed, confident, happy hounds, to see them play for the first time and start to enjoy their life is a truly life changing experience.

Foster families come in all different shapes and sizes from single people living alone to large family groups but each and every fosterer plays a vital part in giving another hound the chance of a new happy life.

There are lots of people in the U.K who would make fantastic fosterers but they often think that they wouldn't be suitable. Here are some frequently asked questions:

I am unsure if fostering is for me?

Understandably many people have concerns when trying something new but we have some very experienced foster families that will happily talk to you and answer any concerns you have. If you can open your heart and home to a needy hound you can foster.

What if I fall in love with the hound?

In line with most rescues if one of our hounds is happy and settled their foster family always has priority to adopt them. Foster carers often adopt the hounds in their care, that is why we always need to find new foster families. The GRSY Failed Fosterers' Club is ever-growing!

I am worried that the hound may have a problem and I won’t know what to do?

All of our potential foster families receive a homecheck from one of our team, at this time all required information will be discussed and any questions you have will be answered. Before your hound arrives you will be told everything we know about them. But you will also be supported 24hrs a day, we are just a phone call away and we are always happy to help with help and advice. Should you encounter a problem that we can’t overcome at your request the hound will be moved to another home.

What if I fail the homecheck?

Our homecheck is nothing to worry about, it is not a pass fail test, nor is it a judgement on you or how tidy your home is. The homecheck is about matching you with a suitable hound. The safety of our hounds must always be our priority so if we find anything we are concerned about this will be discussed with you. It may be as simple as a new bolt on the gate or an area of fence that needs to be secured or needs to be higher. Once this has been done you will be ready for your hound.

I would love to foster but I am concerned about the cost?

We will provide everything the hound needs and all vet fees are paid by us. Many of our foster families like to buy collars, leads, beds, coats etc etc for their foster hounds but this is not necessary, it’s your love and care that is most important. Most foster families provide food and treats themselves but again we are happy to supply these.

What do you expect from your foster carers?

We obviously expect our foster families to take every precaution to keep our hounds safe and we like regular feedback on their progress. If the hound is unwell or showing any signs of injury we expect to be told immediately so that we can arrange help. In the case of a medical emergency the hound must be taken to the nearest vet for treatment, we will pay or reimburse the cost. We expect our fosterers to help with any rehabilitation and training the hound needs and when the hound is ready to be re-homed we like them to assist with the meet and greets and sharing information about the hound. Most of all we want our foster families to provide a safe loving home while enjoying the experience, which is why we always provide 24hr backup.

What is my next step?

If you are still unsure please read some of our foster stories.

If you would like to take the next step simply fill out our Re-homing Questionnaire and we will be in touch as soon as we can.