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Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire

The Adoption Process

If you are interested in one of Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire’s girls or boys and would like more information please contact us. We are happy to discuss your requirements and lifestyle and help you to find a dog suitable for you. 

We ask that you complete our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire so that we can get an idea of your circumstances.

Once we receive your completed form,we will contact you for a chat to discuss your circumstances and what you're looking for in a new dog.

Please note the rescue is run by volunteers so bear with us if you don't hear back from us straight away. However if you haven't heard from us within 3 days of sending your 

form please contact us to check we've received it as this may be the reason we've not been in touch.

We'll arrange a convenient time to come out and meet you for your homecheck and for you to come and meet the dogs looking for their new homes. The write ups of our boys and girls will give you an idea of each dog's personality and the type of home they're looking for.

We take great care in matching potential adopters to suitable dogs, the match has to be right for all concerned. We appreciate people may like the look/colour/age of a dog, or even feel sorry for a dog but if the match isn't right and the dog won't settle in your circumstances, eg. with being left/visiting children/other pets or as an only dog if they need a friend then we will advise you on who we feel would be more suitable.

Rehoming our dogs isn't about getting them into the first home that shows interest for a quick turnaround it's about making sure everyone is happy and the dog's new home is their forever home! Please feel free to state any dogs you are interested in, we're more than happy to discuss if they are suitable or in the event they're not we will happily discuss the reasons why they're unsuitable.

Visiting our kennels

Please note all visits to meet our dogs are by appointment only. With the rescue run on a voluntary basis we are generally busy looking after the dogs, walking the dogs and doing other kennel duties, and may not be able to attend to visitors. So to avoid a wasted trip please contact us before making the journey and we'll arrange a time when Jo or Becky are there to introduce you to the dogs.

The homecheck

Our homecheck is nothing to worry about, it is not a pass fail test, nor is it a judgement on you or how tidy your home is. The homecheck is about matching you and a suitable dog. The safety of our dogs must always be our priority so if we find anything we are concerned about this will be discussed with you. It may be as simple as a new bolt on the gate or an area of fence that needs to be secured or needs to be higher. We will look at where your new friend will sleep. The homecheck is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions which we will answer with complete honesty. Once this has been done you will be ready for your dog.

Your new dog

All our dogs are microchipped, fully vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated and are neutered before being available for adoption. They also have a dental if required and any other care or treatment as necessary.

Of course all this care has a cost, and we ask for a minimum adoption donation of £170. This includes a greyhound collar and lead, a muzzle, a house collar, an ID tag, a winter coat, a summer cool coat and four weeks insurance.


We offer full support and advice to anyone adopting one of our dogs and offer full backup should it be required. Adopting any dog is a big commitment and we encourage people to take it very seriously. Although we offer full backup we want our dogs to go to forever homes so the decision to adopt shouldn’t be taken lightly. A dog is a big responsibility and requires lifetime dedication so please don’t adopt unless you are committed. We may arrange to come out to do a post adoption home check and we will be on hand to help with any problems or concerns you may have.

Please Note: Donations to Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire are non-refundable.

What do I do next?

Please read about our girls and our boys. If you are interested in sharing your life and your home with one of our dogs please complete our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire. You can also contact us for an informal chat.