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Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire

Last updated: 16th Jan 2022

Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire is run entirely by volunteers which means every single penny raised goes directly towards helping the dogs

Please Click the donate button below to help us to continue our work in finding good homes for these gorgeous, loving and deserving dogs. Every penny really does help a hound in need. Thank you.

GRSY was founded in January 2014 to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds who are all too often used, abused and discarded by the cruel racing industry. Along the way we've also saved various other dogs at risk including many lurchers, a collie cross, 2 staffies and a little terrier!

Over the years we went from a tiny foster based rescue to renting our own kennels, remaining completely voluntary run throughout.

We put our all into saving, caring for and finding the right families for our dogs once they were ready to be adopted.

Sadly we just didn't have enough support though and with Coronavirus having a detrimental impact on all rescues' fundraising and donations. We just didn't have the reserves to continue and we were sadly left with no choice but to give notice on our kennels. We found homes for all our remaining dogs, all apart from our long term boy Jacob... who came home with us 🙂

No longer having our own kennels doesn't mean we are no longer here or rescuing dogs it just means the rescue had to change direction in how we help dogs but hopefully with your support we will still be able to help many more dogs going forward.

When we are asked to take dogs now we are getting them safe and finding them rescue spaces with other trusted rescues and transporting them there. Just the same as when we had kennels but were full and couldn't commit to taking on more dogs ourselves. Through our continued fundraising we are sending each dog with a donation to help the receiving rescue with their costs. We are also helping other rescues where needed when possible.

We will continue to be here for all our adopted dogs indefinitely as well as their adopters just like we always have been. Our commitment of rescue back up for life remains the same. Our adopters can contact us for support anytime and we will always take our dogs back should this be necessary.

Pending covid our group walks will continue as and when it is safe. Our group walks are a great chance for people and dogs to meet up and we love to see our adopted dogs, their families and of course our supporters and friends.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in any way up to now. We know some of our supporters will be disappointed in us no longer having kennels. Believe me this wasn't a decision we wanted to make but it was the only feasible option going forward. Rescue is a huge emotional rollercoaster and GRSY has been a struggle to say the least but on reflection I don't know of any other rescue that has survived as long as GRSY, remaining completely voluntary run and with only 2 people who have done everything themselves. I'm proud of everything we have achieved and all the lives we have saved.

This isn't the end, it's a new beginning and we're proud to be working with and supporting other rescues to ultimately help the dogs.

Jo and Becky

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